Annotated Table of Contents

I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook:  

Chapter 1 : Cosmic Theater 1
The Cosmic Theater walks you through all the phases of archetypal evolution from our initial creation as an “Individualized Spark of God” to our final ascent back to God. The Galaxy Theater shows that we are way more than our human consciousness. The
Galaxy Theater viewpoint is particularly appropriate here because it shows the inner training we have been getting from our “Higher Self” since our very first embodiment. From the ascension perspective, our physical body is just a projector and viewer we use
to experience our “Inner Ascension Show” at the Cosmic Theater.

Chapter 2 : Metaphysical Evolution 73
The complete First Heaven Sequence of the ancient Chinese I-Ching is re-created from scratch here as a cohesive, self-generating and self-delineating system of archetypes. The resulting I-Ching Tree of Life is a Rosetta Stone of metaphysics creating and delineating the primary archetypes of astrology, numerology, and the I-Ching as one cohesive system. When our consciousness is switched to a galactic perspective, physical consciousness culminates in a cathartic crescendo that begins our final ascension process.

Chapter 3 : Physical Evolution 149
This chapter shows the step-by-step “intelligent design behind every local-physical form up to and thru the completed atomic elements of the Periodic Chart. Thanks to modern physics, we have a fairly good picture of what local-physical particles and forces exist. However, we don’t have a cohesive picture of “why” they exist the way they do. This chapter answers the “whys” and unifies physical and metaphysical existences into a Unified Field Theory.

Chapter 4 : Ascension Evolution 204
Based on the I-Ching Tree of Life, the archetypal purpose of our existence is unmistakably our ascension back to our Source. The I-Ching Tree of Life shows that there is nowhere else for evolution to go beyond the evolution of our human lifeforms. The ascension mechanism is clearly visible at all levels of the I-Ching Tree of Life. Like us, planet Earth is now entering into a Golden Age where it will once again be a place for the ascended masters to take on visible, tangible forms here on planet Earth. We must choose ascension now if we want to stay in this beautiful playground. Ascension is possible for large numbers of people at this time and we came here for this boost.