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I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook

The I-Ching Tree of Life is the culmination of the author’s Soul quest. The author’s astrology chart is published in the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook to show just what that Soul quest was like archetypally. The author had to literally create a new philosophical belief system in order to fulfil the scope and depth of his Soul quest. The author has experienced, in one form or another, all levels of the Tree of Life. It has been one of the most fulfilling Soul experiences any human being could ever hope to experience.

Richard Stephen Crowl was a Disciple of a God-Realized Guru for 14 years, a Tibetan Power Trainee for 8 years, an Ascended Master Student Trainee for 1 year, an I-Ching researcher for 25 years, a Tree of Life Researcher for 10 years, a philosopher for 40 years, a researcher of theoretical Physics for 10 years, an astrologer for 40 years, a numerologer for 40 years, a professional mechanical engineer for 25 years, a writer for 25 years, and a copyrighted self-publisher for 2 years.

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