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I-Ching Tree of Life Q & A

Q: Is the I-Ching Tree of Life “Real”?
A: The answer is yes. The I-Ching Tree of Life is real. However, what is more interesting is that the “realities” created in the I-Ching Tree of Life are the only things “real”. Any other realities are “mutations” and are not sustained by Life. Based on the I-Ching Tree of Life, there are many thousands of natural realities built into everything, like a hologram, and the human spirit is capable of accessing each and every one of them.

Our spirit-animated human lifeform is an archetypal reality evolved by the I-Ching Tree of Life. Our spirit-animated human lifeform is the culmination of evolution’s “descent of spirit into form” purpose. The human spirit is uniquely capable of consciously “perceiving and living within” every I-Ching Tree of Life reality realm because our spirit-animated human lifeform is a microcosm of the entire I-Ching Tree of Life. The human spirit is also uniquely poised to ascend the reality consciousness levels within the I-Ching Tree of Life and become a Master of all naturally evolved octaves of existence.

Q: What is the I-Ching Tree of Life made of?

A: The I-Ching Tree of Life is composed entirely of archetypes (God’s Original Creation Forces). Archetypes are discrete “Cups of God’s Unalterable Qualification” which “compel” the manifestation of specific types of “reality realms” (dimensions of reality). All archetypes are inseparably linked with the whole cohesive chain of manifest archetypal reality realms called the I-Ching Tree of Life (which is God’s Di-vine Plan for existence).

Most humans don’t consciously connect with or understand the meaning of archetypes. Astrologers, numerologists, and some other people do connect with the archetypes regularly are more likely to see the archetypes of the I-Ching Tree of Life as real. Fortunately for the non-believers, the I-Ching Tree of Life has a secret rational side to it that can be understood by the human mind. The I-Ching Tree of Life archetypes evolve in a step-by-step rational pattern which is best described as “holistic binary harmonic expansion”. As it happens, the “point of origin” of each archetype within the whole created by that rational pattern describes the character traits, function, and purpose of each archetype.

Q: How can archetypes “evolve” if they are Creation Forces?

A: God’s Original Creation Forces (archetypes) are said to evolve because God made the Original Parent Stem Cell Holistic Archetype as “Life” with the ability to procreate new archetypal Life. All of the archetypal reality realms except the first archetypal reality realm were “procreated” from other archetypes – Life procreating Life is evolution. “Binary Harmonic Procreation” has specific rules. The character traits, functions, and purposes of the procreated archetypes are determined by their “point of origin” within the whole of the I-Ching Tree of Life.
1. Archetypal procreation is hermaphroditic binary harmonic reproduction resulting in the procreation of two opposite archetypal reality realms (children). The first child has the parent’s yang inner character traits active and the second child has the parent’s yin outer character traits as active. This “Binary Harmonic Procreation” process gives birth to the Original Yang and the Original Yin kingdoms of existence, respectively.

2. Just imagine the Light, Love, and Power present in these original reality realms of existence. Spirit Beings mastering and residing in these two reality realms are virtual Gods with the capability of co-creating universes – the Elohim reality realms. The incredible Light, Love, and Power manifest in these realms is due to the Holistic (Holy) character inherited from their God-Created parent. These two I-Ching Tree of Life archetypes also carry the parent’s God-Created power to procreate new archetypal Life – according to their own kind (yin or yang). The God-Created parent realm is the “I AM” and the procreated Holy Trinity of archetypal realms is the “I AM Presence”.

3. The first two procreated archetypal reality realms (archetypal children) are exactly the same as each other and their parent in that they are both “Holistic Unified Stem Cell Seeds of the entire I-Ching Tree of Life”. All three archetypes are discrete “Cups of God’s Unalterable Qualification” which “magically compel” the manifestation of specific types of “reality realms” (dimensions of reality) to permanently manifest. They are all three God’s Original Creation Forces. They are all three Life with the ability to procreate Life. The archetypes are the “Platonic Forms” of which the philosopher Plato described.

4. The first two procreated archetypal reality realms (archetypal children) are also exactly opposite of each other in that one child has the yang dominant character traits of the parent active (procreating the interiorized reality realms) and the other child has the opposite yin dominant character traits of the parent active (procreating the exteriorized reality realms). The parent archetype contains both these two sets of traits in a unified state. Each child of the parent archetype has exactly equal and infinite dominion over their particular reality realms within the whole I-Ching Tree of Life which are being called ‘maximum yang” and “maximum yin”, respectively.

5. In case you didn’t notice it, the “Binary Harmonic Procreation” process reveals in a step-by-step way, ever-increasing depths and breadths of detail about existence. We can only assume that the purpose of existence is so that God can know “herself / himself” through the “Individualized Sparks of God” (Spirit Entities) that “she / he” created as part of “herself / himself” to experience it. We human beings are those “Individualized Sparks of God” experiencing the entire I-Ching Tree of Life spectrum of realm realms. Presently we are “trapped” in the physical reality realms (shown in the graphic below) by our misuse of our “Individualized Spark of God” Power of Co-creation.

6. The Yin Reality Realms (Exteriorized Physical Realms) and the Yang Reality Realms (Interiorized Ascension Realms) shown are sacred geometry graphic representations of all of the reality realms “procreated”. Together with the Holy Trinity Reality Realms discussed above, the Yin Realms and the Yang Realms make-up the whole I-Ching Tree of Life. Notice that the Yang Reality Realms are similar to the original parent archetype in that they have the physical (yin) realms and metaphysical (yang) realms evolved internally and always linked to the “whole” inside the single unity realm. Notice that the Yin Reality Realms are evolved opposite in nature to the Yang by evolving separate externalized realms only vaguely linked through the binary harmonic fields (the larger circles in the diagram below). Again, the three sets of Procreated Realms fulfill the internalized Holy Trinity commandment that a Holy Trinity of more externalized Reality Realms be procreated. The cohesive holistic nature of existence is commanded by the Inner Holy Trinity to be conserved despite appearances otherwise in the physical realities.

Starseed Tree of Lifeprimary-book-graphics-taichi-astrology-1


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Physical Binary Harmonic Evolution

Binary harmonic evolution is not a new concept. The ancient Chinese Sage King Fu Hsi used it to create the First Heaven Sequence of the I-Ching – 5000+ years ago. Binary harmonic expansion starts relatively simply and expands out and in simultaneously, co-existing states eternally in that same simplicity so it can be understood as a simple system throughout. It is fractal and holographic in that sense. Because the binary harmonic fractal expands quickly with its binary harmonic doubling pattern, it becomes complex very quickly. By the time physical binary harmonic expansion reaches the end of just three levels of physical evolutionary expansion, it has already messaged for the evolution of all of the atomic elements and for them to reproduce nearly an infinite number of times to create the Super-Galactic Central Sun, billions of Galaxies, billions of billions of Stars, and billions of billions of Solar System Planets. The sacred geometry diagram below gives an idea how many binary harmonic evolutionary quantum states exist by the end of just the third binary harmonic expansion.

3D BH#3 (1)

Until now, the atoms were believed to be composed of three types of quantum sub-atomic particles (proton/s, neutron/s, and electrons) and those three types sub-atomic particles were each composed of various combinations of quantum up and down quarks. It is no wonder that physicists have had such a difficult time creating a cohesive unified field theory (UFT). They don’t have all of the pieces to the puzzle. Every one of the quantum particles shown evolved previous to the evolution of a specific quantum particle in the sacred geometry above must be “in place” (physically manifest) before that specific particle can form. You will need to read the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook by Richard Stephen Crowl if you want to understand the “how and why” of the gauge symmetries, the various bosons and leptons, the fabric of space, mass, and gravity. Can you even imagine the complexity that occurs in BH#4 where the compounds, molecules, DNA, cells, organisms, and lifeforms are formed? At this point in the evolution of the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook, only the general categories of those quantum states have been identified.


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Numerology Magic Squares

I-Ching Tree of Life – Numerology Magic Squares


WoodcutStarseed Tree of Life   Primary Book Graphics GM 8x8 Magic SQ (1)

In today’s world of computers and advanced mathematics, magic squares don’t seem very—well, magic. Most people today will look at magic squares and say “Isn’t that an interesting math trick”. Few people would say “Isn’t that magical”. In fact, it isn’t even easy to see why ancient people called magic squares magical. If you went back in time some 5000+ years to the time that the I-Ching was being created by the Chinese Sage King Fu Hsi, you would notice one big difference in the field of philosophy. Science and religion were not separated the way they are today. Numbers had numerology meaning then as well as mathematical meaning. It would have been completely normal at that time to delineate the I-Ching with numerology. We don’t have any solid historical record of that, but history has hinted at it. Since we don’t have any I-Ching delineations attributed to Fu Hsi, we really don’t know what numerology he used.

Richard Stephen Crowl, the author of the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook, read about Fu Hsi’s interest in magic squares. It made him wonder if the ancient circle and square woodcut attributed to Fu Hsi was a “blatant hint” that the square block of hexagrams is a numerology magic square when the correct system of numerology is applied to the hexagrams. It was exciting that the self-generating and self-delineating I-Ching Tree of Life numerology might be the key to unlocking Fu Hsi’s numerology delineations. Could it be that easy? Below is the ancient circle and square woodcut attributed to Fu Hsi. Next to it is the I-Ching Tree of Life Physical Body graphic which has the same hexagram arrangement as the ancient woodcut circle arrangement of the hexagrams. Apply the I-Ching Tree of Life numerology to the woodcut hexagrams and the results are below on the right. The results do not create a magic square in the square block. So either the I-Ching Tree of Life numerology for the hexagrams is different or the hexagrams in the circle and square woodcut are not arranged to create a numerology magic square.

Notice that all of the columns in the ancient square of hexagrams above add to the same number – 288. That means that half of the self-generating I-Ching Tree of Life is creating a magic square. A different arrangement of the I-Ching Tree of Life hexagrams can be self-generated by simply changing the assumption of whether the top line of any new cell splitting to the right is consistently the same as its mother cell (yin or yang) or whether the new cell splitting to the right is consistently the opposite of its mother cell (yin or yang). The result is that the right half of the ancient woodcut circle is simply rotated 180 degrees about its center horizontal axis. The numerology for the I-Ching Tree of Life hexagrams stays the same.

Galactic Tree of Life 2GM Magic Square3

The ancient woodcut circle of hexagrams has now been auto-generated to reflect the new Galactic Mandala (above left) arrangement of the hexagrams. Since the numerology of the hexagrams stayed the same, the square block of hexagrams IGHTin the middle will still not create a numerology magic square, however, the numerology of the hexagrams physically opposite each other in the circle, now always add to 72/9 numerology. The numerology of the hexagrams opposite each other in the square block still do not add to 72/9. So the final task is to rearrange the hexagrams in the square block so that all hexagrams that are physically opposite each other in the circle are also physically opposite each other in the square. Today the hexagram arrangement that makes a numerology magic square can simply be mathematically calculated.

Making the above right square block of hexagrams into a magic square 5000+ years ago would have been a little bit harder. However, the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook by Richard Stephen Crowl shows how the magic square graphic (above right) could have been created with just trial and error. Notice that all columns, rows, and diagonals in the block (above right), now each add to 288 numerology – creating an 8×8 hexagram numerology magic square with a 288 numerology “magic constant”. Now, it is magical and it is going to get even more magical as the living numerology of the I-Ching Tree of Life is delineated using it. Notice that any two hexagrams in the circle or square, physically opposite each other from the center of the circle, now add to a 72/9 numerology. That reveals the incredible balance embedded in the I-Ching Tree of Life. It also reveals a magical back door out of physical consciousness that is built into the I-Ching Tree of Life.

You may be wondering where the nines went in the hexagram numerology of the I-Ching Tree of Life. It is because ancient numerology didn’t include the nines. Nines were considered to be invisible and were not counted. The fact that the numerology of the I-Ching Tree of Life shows why nines should be considered invisible suggests that the I-Ching Tree of Life may be the actual origin of numerology. The Chinese may not be the only culture interested in this particular magic square. The Mayans also had a fascination with this magic square according to José Argüelles in his book, Earth Ascending. However, the Mayan magic square included the nines and was a mathemetics magic square. If the nines are included, the resulting mathematics magic square has a “magic constant” of 260 which is the mathematics number of days in the Mayan Calendar. Is anyone able to see why that mathematics magic square was so important to the Mayans other than the link to the I-Ching Tree of Life which the Mayans also had in their Hunab-Ku eight-partition-place trigrams.

We just proved that it is probable that the I-Ching Tree of Life has the same numerology numbering as the I-Ching of the ancient Chinese Sage King Fu Hsi. There is not much possibility that there is another I-Ching numbering system more significant than the one we just created. The Fu Hsi First Heaven Sequence of the I-Ching has now been confirmed to be a metaphysical system of archetypes. The new I-Ching Tree of Life numerology numbering system creates numerology numbers for each hexagrams in the I-Ching system. That means that each little circle and each big circle in the I-Ching Tree of Life Physical Body has a numerology number that delineates its function and character through traditional numerology.

The delineations of each of those archetypal states is detailed in the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook. In other words, hexagram #66 (shown in red) is the 41st most yang hexagram (shown in green numbers as 41rd most yang) in the I-Ching. It has a 66/12/3 numerology which is the Darkening of the Light hexagram #36 in the King Wen non-numerology numbering of the hexagrams (yin/yang/yin/yin/yin/yin) – pouring water (trigram – yin/yin/yin) on the fire (trigram – yin/yang/yin), dimming its light. Always delineate the hexagrams from the bottom up. Water (the top trigram) falls into the rising bright flames of the fire (the bottom trigram).

Let’s get back to the numerology magic square and its delineation. The sum of any rows, columns, and diagonals now has the “magic constant” of 288/18/9 numerology in this case. The hexagrams are important in the I-Ching because they are the 7th and last physical frequencies in the Physical Body of the I-Ching Tree of Life. According to the magic square, when all of the hexagrams of the “physical body” are resolved to a 9 numerology number, evolution in the I-Ching Tree of Life makes a cathartic consciousness shift up in frequency to another octave in the I-Ching Tree of Life called the Ascension Body. The Ascension Body has always been part of us – guiding our spiritual evolution. You might say it has been our conscience or our Higher Self. The Holy Bible calls this transition into the Higher Self, transfiguration and the awakening of the Christ Consciousness. Saint Germain calls it the transition into the Higher Mental Body and the Christ Consciousness just preceding ascension.

Ascension represents progressively moving into a more subtle body that is in higher octave frequencies. When a physical planet moves into these higher octave frequencies, the planet is also said to be ascending. In the case of the numerology magic square of hexagrams, the 288 numerology is very significant since the Sun has a numerology number of 144 and planet earth has a numerology number of 2. The 288 numerology again represents “Earth Ascending” because 288 resolves into a 9 numerology – which means completion or ascension. The 9 numerology gives a frequency boost to all physical things in this situation. So, it’s a great time to be evolving on planet earth if one’s desire is to raise one’s physical frequency and go inward towards who one really is.

Based on the fact that this kind of information came to an ordinary person on planet earth (Richard Stephen Crowl), it is probably safe to say that planet earth is ready to receive this information about the I-Ching Tree of Life. It is also safe to say that Fu Hsi had this same numerology for the I-Ching and that he understood the meaning of the 9 numerology ascension message for this transition also. And finally, it is safe to say that the I-Ching Tree of Life numerology that creates so many miraculous results is most likely the same numerology that Fu Hsi used.

That would mean either that the secret mystery schools of the Piscean Age did a magnificent job of hiding the numerology keys to the Fu Hsi numerology or the information really was lost for a while. Since we are now entering into the Aquarian Age, it is very appropriate that the correct Aquarian Age metaphysics for the I-Ching be revealed to the general public. Even if the Fu Hsi numerology for the I-Ching is still being held secretly, it will not include the miraculous resonances with modern theoretical physics and modern biology found in the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook – Physical Evolution.

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The resonance between the twelve realms in the I-Ching Tree of Life Ascension Body (top left) and the twelve chakra vortices of the human energy system (top right) is hard to deny. The bottom-half of both graphics is physical. The top-half of both graphics is metaphysical or spiritual. The top reality in both graphics is maximum yang, maximum metaphysical, and the crown chakra. The bottom reality of both graphics is maximum yin, maximum physical, and the root chakra.

The resonances with the 2nd thru 6th chakras front vortices should be fairly easy to recognize also based on tradition chakra names and functions. The resonance of all of the chakra vortices with the I-Ching Tree of Life Ascension Body provides even more evidence of the true function of the chakra vortices. The right half of the Ascension Body is the individual or personal planetary archetypes and the left half is the collective planetary archetypes with the same functions as in astrology.

  • Root Chakra Vortex (Asteroid Belt) – deep physical.
  • Sacral Chakra Front Vortex (Mars) – chi creative energy.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Front Vortex (Earth / Moon) – personal unconscious.
  • Heart Chakra Front Vortex (Venus) – love.
  • Throat Chakra Front Vortex (Mercury) – communication.
  • Third Eye Chakra Front Vortex (Sun) – light.
  • Crown Chakra Vortex (Galactic Center) – lifestream.

The I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook by Richard Stephen Crowl describes the Ascension Body and its functions in easy-to-understand detail. The previous blog post called the Yin / Yang Symbol Evolution showed, in great detail, the Ascension Body’s origin in the I-Ching Tree of Life. The Ascension Body acts as our conscience or Higher Self. It is connected with our human energy system through resonance as shown above, but it is also connected directly with our Tree of Life Inner spiritual Presence. Since the Ascension Body is an inner-directed (yang) part of our Tree of Life body, it has no free will to choose discordant human externalized choices. Thus, it always shows us the perfect Divine Plan choices through our Good Angel or our Higher Self.

As a Free Will Individualized Spark of God Spirit in a human physical lifeform, we have the free will to co-create discordant physical creations using our Lifestream creative energy. When we co-create discordant creations, it muddies up our human energy system and our connection with our Higher Self. Because of the Free Will Power given to us during our original creation, we alone are allowed to undo our discordant co-creations. We can ask for Divine help with purification but we are ultimately responsible for calling for that purification at every level of our being.

As our evolution progresses, our outer Physical Body co-creations become resonant with our inner Ascension Body recommendations and we rise in frequency in mini-ascension evolutionary shifts going clockwise around the Ascension Body consciousness states until we resonate with all twelve Ascension Body consciousness states as the Christ and, soon thereafter, as an Ascended Master.

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Yin/Yang Symbol Evolution

Evolution of the I-Ching Tree of Life Yin / Yang Symbol 


 Archetypal Researcher Richard Stephen Crowl has found through a Second Vision that the Yin / Yang symbol of the I-Ching is actually the archetypal seed for the evolution of the Physical Body. Unlike his First Vision which showed how to re-create the externalized outward-creating I-Ching Hexagrams from scratch, the Second Vision shows how to re-create the internalized inward-creating Yin / Yang Seed from scratch. Mr. Crowl discovered that the I-Ching Yin / Yang symbol is the internalized archetypal seed which guides and controls the evolution of the externalized Physical Body realms from within. As such the two bodies create one huge entangled polarity-pair living universe.

Second Vision

Consider the Yin / Yang symbol red and white swirls to be made of an infinite number of binary harmonic archetypal states represented graphically as radius lines. Start with two opposite radius lines as shown in Mitosis #2 of the diagram above – the beginning of the binary harmonic unfolding process. The natural beginning is maximum yang (QF3.1) and maximum yin (QF3.2) – the two most vertical radii in the Yin / Yang symbol. Now expand the unfolding seed in the same traditional I-Ching binary harmonic manner from there – adding four new states next.

What are the chances that the seven physical realms (bottom half of the Yin / Yang symbol) would resonate perfectly with the seven binary harmonic rings of the lower octave Physical Body realms? What are the chances that the four fundamental forces of physics would be clearly messaged in Quadrant #2? What are the chances that the I-Ching lines of those same fundamental forces would clearly describe the character and function of each of the physical realms evolved in quadrant #2 archetypal forces? What are the chances that the archetypal lessons of the twelve archetypal realities messaged in the Yin / Yang symbol would provide instructions for experiencing ascension back into our real selves as individualized sparks of God and not just our descent into physical form?

Validation of the Author’s Second Vision

Look at the four directions of the shamanic elemental kingdom created in Mitosis #3. Look at the eight archetypal states created in Mitosis #4. This is the “8-Partition Place” of the Mayans, Hitites, Mesoptamians, Sumerians, and others. Mitosis #3 and Mitosis #4 are an entangled polarity-pair that, together, create the physical world. Mitosis #3 and Mitosis #4 together create the twelve primary archetypal realms of Galactic consciousness – the Ascension Body. How do we validate this – you may wonder? The validation came with the Second Vision in the form of twelve resonating planetary archetypes of traditional western astrology – in the same order as the physical planets of our solar system. Notice their resonance with the personal or individual planets of astrology on the right side. Notice their resonance with the spiritual or collective planets of astrology on the left side. Notice their resonance with the twelve chakra vortices of our body. That is a lot of precise archetypal coincidences that are created by the I-Ching Tree of Life.


Entangled polarity-pairs are inherent within the structure of the I-Ching and the I-Ching Tree of Life. They show up at every level of both. They are created in any two numerology binary harmonic. They are clearly seen in the second physical realm of the Ascension Body as the evolution of sub-atomic particles – the particle and anti-particle entangled polarity pairs. After a while it becomes clear that the anti-particle is spinning inwardly and connecting with the inner archetypal information of the Tree of Life and the energy of the inner metaphysical realms. As such, the anti-particle is inseparable from the particle and controls the energy and evolutionary information flow to the particl

HIGHER SELF” (Ascension Body) / “LOWER SELF” (Physical Body) POLARITY-PAIR

The same is true of the two bodies that make up our being in the larger scale I-Ching Tree of Life – the Higher Self (Ascension Body) and the Lower Self (Physical Body). The Higher Self is the inward-directed self, containing all the same physical states as the physical body but at an invisible higher octave. Because the Higher Self is inner-directed it cannot be contaminated by outer physical world circumstances and choices. It will always receive and send inner instructions to the Lower Self that reflect the Inner Divine Plan and its perfection. Unlike the Lower Self, the Higher Self has no “freewill” or “inclination” to create negative, discordant, or mutant creations which will act as blocks to the Lifestream energy flow.

As such, the Higher Self is the perfect instructions and directions for how to maximize our life energies (Lifestream) flowing thru us, keeping us alive, and giving us the Power to manifest our needs. The Higher Self also provides the training within us that prepares us step-by-step for our ascension. As we master each evolutionary step being taught to us by our Higher Self, we become more resonant with the higher octave frequencies of the Higher Self and we actually move into the Higher Self. As we become closer to our complete resonance with our Higher Self and its inner connection we become closer to our final ascension when we move into our Ascension Body as the Christ of our own being.

Basic Structure of Existence According to the Ascension Body

Let’s look at what the Ascension Body from the perspective of descent into the physical. The Ascension Body in the I-Ching Tree of Life is the archetypal Divine Plan seed for what existence will be like. As you can see, it messages to create two primary existences – one metaphysical / spiritual (top half) and one physical (bottom half) in absolute balance. The right half is the creation of the individual realms of existence. The left half is the creation of the collective realms of existence. That forms the four quadrants of existence – spiritual / individual, physical / individual, physical / collective, and spiritual / collective.

Spiritual / Individual (1st Quadrant)

The 1st Quadrant is the realms where the individual begins his / her descent into physical form from pure spirit. In I-Ching terms that is denoted as pure yang or maximum yang (all yang I-Ching lines). The physical descent goes clockwise around the circle. That convention was set in Mitosis #3 at QF #3.3 (yang/yin) read as (yin over yang). It is messaging that yang is both yin and yang equally and yang is transitioning into yin in the 2nd Quadrant.

Physical / Individual (2nd Quadrant)

The 2nd Quadrant realms are the only realms that modern physicists recognize as real. They are the realms that most humans live in exclusively. These realms are called the Four Fundamental Forces of Physics – E/M Force, Weak Force, Strong Force, and Gravitational Force. In the I-Ching Tree of Life the 4th Fundamental Force is Life Force. Gravity is considered to be a property of the 2nd Fundamental Force. Life Force is the force that creates cells with seed instructions to become spirit-animated lifeforms –plants, animals, and human beings.

Physical / Collective (3rd Quadrant)

The 3rd Quadrant realms are collectives of individual spirits. For every incarnate physical collective in the physical world, there is a corresponding dis-incarnate physical collective in the astral world. The dis-incarnate collectives have the same general frequency as the incarnate collectives except that the dis-incarnate individuals are living in an astral plane of existence that is not fully physical as we know it – the Lower Astral Plane. The incarnate physical collectives evolve up in frequency from pure yin materialism to physical/metaphysical dualistic awareness.

Spiritual / Collective (4th Quadrant)

The 4th Quadrant realms are also collectives of individual spirits. Both the incarnate and dis-incarnate spirits in this quadrant are functioning as Angels serving the Light. These spirits have reached the Metaphysical realms of consciousness and are off the Wheel of Karma in the sense that they consciously recognize the spiritual realms. They will not need to fall into the physical sleep of the Sacred Dream in order to learn the rest of their spiritual lessons. Once the incarnate Angels have reached the maximum metaphysical frequency and have dedicated their lives to the Service of God, they are ready to receive their ascended master instructions and prepare for their final ascension.

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Starseed Tree of Life

How do you prove that an archetypal system is valid? You show that it works in all cases and eventually the statistical chances of it being valid way outnumber the statistical chances that it is not valid. That will work whether it is about metaphysical miracles or about local-physical miracles. What is nice about miracles is that they have such a high statistical weight towards validation. Fortunately, the number of coincidences and downright miracles at all levels of the I-Ching Tree of Life are plentiful – starting at the metaphysical levels.

The graphic above shows the pure archetypes of physical evolution of astrology, numerology, and the I-Ching – not as three different archetypal systems, but as one archetypal system called the Physical Body of the I-Ching Tree of Life. Every major archetype used in making an astrology chart is created and delineated in the I-Ching Tree of Life – no more and no less. The same is true for the major archetypes of numerology and the I-Ching – no more and no less. What are the odds of this “ONE I-Ching Tree of Life pure archetypal system creating all of the major archetypes used by of all three of the most comprehensive archetypal systems known to mankind – no more and no less.

At the same time, what are the odds that this same physical I-Ching Tree of Life archetypal system would be so balanced and so perfect in its construction that the numerology of all of its polarity-pairs would resolve as a NINE numerology – the numerology number of the Essence Energy of Creation that flows through and sustains it and perfects it like a flow of stem cells and the numerology number of ascension for human lifeforms. What are the odds the Hexagrams show an even higher degree of balance – forming a magic square with a NINE numerology “magic constant” that messages for a cathartic rise in the frequency of all physical life on planet Earth following the End of the Physical World message of physical completion that the Mayans signaled on Dec. 21, 2012?

The pure archetypes of the I-Ching Tree of Life are not just intellectual curiosities of numerology, astrology, and now the I-Ching. The I-Ching Tree of Life is composed of all natural reproductions of 100% pure living archetypal messages for the evolution of Life from the Original Creation of God’s Divine Plan.  Unlike physics TOE, GUT, and UFT theories, the I-Ching Tree of Life explains not only the existence of, but the “why” that physical quantum, multi-dimensional states of physics exist – and not others. The I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook by Richard Stephen Crowl presents some new physics theories and validates most physics quantum physical states as pure archetypal states.

Just recently physicists have proclaimed victory because they discovered that the local-physical fabric of space transmits gravity waves. Physics will eventually realize that distortions in the local-physical fabric of space “are” the very definition of gravity – a system that records violations and degrees of violations in the perfect balance of the fabric of space. Physicists will be put in a quandary when they realize that local-physical distortions in the fabric of space (gravity) have non-local physical (metaphysical) origins that are affecting a yet unrecognized pure archetypal quantum local-physical particle which occupies so-called “empty space”.

Keeping track of each step-by-step evolutionary progression in the whole universe would be virtually impossible; however, it is fairly easy to keep track of just the I-Ching Tree of Life pure archetypal states used as the archetypal patterning for evolving a perfect Living Universe. Do keep in mind that the “function or purpose” and character of each archetypal state in the I-Ching Tree of Life is based on its “position” within the Tree of Life. Archetypes in the Tree of Life are not “assigned” intuitive meaning as they are in astrology, numerology, and I-Ching. Each unique numerology tag tells exactly where each quantum pure archetypal state is located within the I-Ching Tree of Life, so, guess what else the numerology tag tells about each quantum pure archetypal state?

Historical evidence has hinted that the ancient Chinese used numerology to delineate the First Heaven Sequence of the I-Ching. Archetypal Researcher Richard Stephen Crowl has verified that the ancient Chinese I-Ching Tree of Life produces an unbroken cohesive chain of Living Creational Archetypes that clearly message for the evolution step-by-step of a perfect Living Universe with perfect Living Particles and perfect Living Lifeforms. The I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook by Richard Stephen Crowl was recently published in eBook form shows the results of his 25 years of research that validates the I-Ching Tree of Life’s resonant connection to our lives.

The Philosophy of Life created by the I-Ching Tree of Life is the most comprehensive, cohesive, and detailed philosophical viewpoint published in modern times. It is an unbroken cohesive chain of unified fields similar in effect to the fields of Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). The reason it took so long to validate the I-Ching Tree of Life is because a break in any link in the cohesive chain of the I-Ching Tree of Life step-by-step evolution invalidates the whole I-Ching Tree of Life theory even if all other levels were validated. The I-Ching Tree of Life had to resonate at the physical level as well as it did at the Metaphysical level. That required a lot of research into physics.

Physicists should have to live up to that Law – the Law of Conservation of Symmetry with the Tree of Life. Since the Philosophy of Life created by the I-Ching Tree of Life is the only quantum pure archetypal system composed of 100% Living archetypal states created and sustained by the Original Creation, it should be the foundation for all Philosophies of Life. It matches very well with the Forms and Particulars Philosophy of Plato and other ancient philosophers. It creates realms of existence some physicists and philosophers have never even heard of. Failure to find those realms in the I-Ching Tree of Life would clearly have broken the cohesive unity there and invalidated the whole Tree of Life.

What are the chances that the I-Ching Tree of Life messaged for each of the quantum particles discovered by physicists, identified their purpose and character, and why they must exist not as individual particles but as a cohesive chain of quantum particles serving a higher purpose? There are even greater miracles validating the I-Ching Tree of Life at the physical level. The pair-production of physics turns out to be identical in process to the entangled-pairs of the I-Ching Tree of Life. Entangled-pairs in the Tree of Life mean that a major transformation is happening there towards a more physical state. Remember that the polarity-pairs of the I-Ching Tree of Life message for these transformations.

Another major miracle at the physical level is the Gauge Symmetries which start at the beginning of the 3rd Binary Harmonic and end when the threefold atomic structure forms – precisely. It shows why the Gauge Symmetries form and why they go away. This is an amazing miraculous validation of the I-Ching Tree of Life. Lastly, it identifies all of the atomic elements and what they will be like, and why the eightfold pattern of the electrons in the electron shells and why the electron shellsat all, and why the fourfold pattern of s, p, d, and f electron subshells, and why the mandated entangled spin-pairs of the electrons. This is another incredibly miraculous validation of the Local-Physical I-Ching Tree of Life. It also shows the power of the Binary Harmonics to provide a Unified Field structure with the purpose of evolving step-by-step the atomic elements.

If you are sufficiently intrigued to deeply study the I-Ching Tree of Life, it is possible to purchase an e-book download of the author’s very thorough research findings and delineations for the whole Tree of Life. You will still have to research, but at least you know that it will not be a dead end.  You will have a much better start than the author. The workbook has several major areas of research that still need done. The Trigrams and Hexagrams have not been fully validated and delineated. That was not the purpose of the research for this book. Just enough research was done to know that the archetypal approach would work. If the Trigrams and Hexagrams differ from traditional meanings it is recommended that you take the archetypal meanings because the First Heaven Sequence is archetypal.

Another realm of astrology that evolves perfectly according to the I-Ching Tree of Life is the planetary orbits in the solar system. The I-Ching Tree of Life messages for the formation of planets where they are in our solar system resonating with the binary harmonic waves of E/M blasting out of the Sun carrying the numerology numbering from the I-Ching Tree of Life. It is an amazing miracle that you can literally determine the locations of the planetary orbits of the planets and their purpose / character without ever having heard of astrology.

The astrology archetypes in the I-Ching Tree of Life are Bigram/Trigram in the I-Ching and Sign on the House Cusp in astrology. There is a very beneficial door open to research in this area of the I-Ching Tree of Life. This whole area of the Lower Astral Planes is dangerous and should not be made by a novice. Another area of the I-Ching Tree of Life that needs research is the detailed analysis of RNA / DNA / Cells / Organs / etc up to the different plant, animal, and human lifeforms. This could prove to be lifetimes of work. I will be posting my latest research on these levels of the I-Ching Tree of Life when I complete them. The overview of these levels was easily validated but the devil is in the details (sometimes literally).

You will have to read the workbook to really understand the Binary Harmonic Fields because there is an important key realm of the I-Ching Tree of Life not shown here that is playing a major role in the evolution of the physical realms through the Binary Harmonic Fields. It is being called the Ascension Body because it also plays a major role in our ascension training and it plays a major role in our actual ascension. Ascension is another one of those cohesive chain realms that must be present in the I-Ching Tree of Life because it will become clear very fast that our one true purpose here on planet Earth is to ascend step-by-step until we literally transition out of our physical bodies into a higher octave frequency body and into our ascension or transmutation body ready for ascension as the Christ of our own being.

Wow! What a fun and fulfilling research this has been for me! I look forward to communicating with a few of the more serious researchers in the near future. Good luck to all of you no matter how much research you will be doing! Contact me through my website at:


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Tree of Life Secret Code is Not So Secret!

WoodcutYellow River Map

Archetypal Researcher Richard Stephen Crowl has found that the archetypes of numerology and astrology create a comprehensive, detailed and cohesive message for the evolution of everything alive in our universe. An archetype, by definition, is the original model or the perfect pattern for which anything of its unique type is copied or reproduced – so the Tree of Life connection with the original archetypes of Life should be of no big surprise. The real surprise is the archetypal structure or point of view that is used to evolve the Tree of Life.

All astrologers are familiar with the earth-centered point of view for viewing the archetypes. However, astrology doesn’t have agreed upon rulers for the survival energies that create deep physical matter. More importantly, earth-centered astrology has no archetypal step-by-step plan for the Creation of Life. Earth-centered astrology is about cycles of planetary and astral archetypes that are not even true archetypes. However, most of astrology’s planetary and astral archetypes do resonant with all or part of the pure archetypes that link them to the Sun’s pure archetypal energies.

To understand the difference between pure archetypes and resonant archetypes, it is necessary to understand the evolution of the pure archetypes in the Tree of Life. The pure archetypes can only be found as the inner energy patterns that make up our living universe (macrocosm) and our living beings (microcosm). The pure archetypes are copied from the perfect original archetypal patterns carrying the Life, Power, Love, Wisdom and Intelligence of our Creator. Pure archetypes evolve (reproduce in a step-by-step manner) from those original archetypal patterns. The Tree of Life is the record of the pure step-by-step cohesive evolutionary chain of archetypal evolution.

That is where the Ancient Chinese I-Ching comes into the picture. The First Heaven Sequence of the I-Ching, which is attributed to Ancient Chinese Sage-King Fu Hsi of about 4000+ years ago, is the pure evolutionary pattern that reproduces the pure archetypal patterns of Life. Delineating these evolutionary states would be the key to understanding the Secret Code of Tree of Life. There is very little known about Fu Hsi’s vision on the banks of the Yellow River which revealed the Yellow River Map. However, the author of the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook, Richard Stephen Crowl, was also given an inner vision similar to the Yellow River Map that led him into a 25 year long inner research into the use of the traditional archetypes of astrology and numerology in conjunction with the I-Ching.

My Vision

If I drew seven iterations of yin and yang splits from the center of a circle it would create the 64 hexagrams. That would create seven large circles of bubbles and the seventh circle would be predictive because the SEVEN in numerology is predictive. In fact, each big circle would function according to the numerology of its order in the graphic. The same is true of the bubble states.


Starseed Tree of Life

CONFIRMING HIS VISION – By the morning after the vision, the graphic of the Tree of Life had seven splits of yin and yang states shown as small bubbles. The I-Ching lines following the Yellow River Map created 64 hexagrams which fulfilled his vision and matched the circle of hexagrams in the First Heaven Sequence woodcut that came down through history – precisely. Each level of yin / yang splits is encircled by a large circle – giving seven large circles. Another fulfillment of his vision was that the seventh circle hexagrams would be predictive because SEVEN in numerology is predictive. From there it was clear that all of the big circles in the graphic would have a function based on the numerology number of its order in the Tree of Life and that each big circle would control the function of the bubble states within its circle based on its numerology. In other words, the bubble archetypes would serve to evolve the parts needed to fulfill the large circle purpose or function. For instance, the bubble trigrams within the FOUR numerology large circle creates the precise First Heaven Sequence of the FOUR numerology survival trigrams that came down through history – providing the final confirmation of his vision.

At this point the author could scarcely contain his excitement as he had the secret for delineating the Fu Hsi I-Ching using the pure archetypes of Life – not to mention the Secret Code for delineating the Tree of Life. The final Tree of Life is way more complex than this. Considerable work had to be done to figure out the puzzle of what the Tree of Life is messaging to be created. If the Tree of Life graphic is valid it must message for the evolution of a universe made of Life. As research went on it became very clear that the Tree of Life graphic developed above is only a fraction of the whole Tree of Life.

It is possible to purchase an e-book download of the author’s very thorough research findings and delineations for the whole Tree of Life at the author’s website: