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Physical Binary Harmonic Evolution

Binary harmonic evolution is not a new concept. The ancient Chinese Sage King Fu Hsi used it to create the First Heaven Sequence of the I-Ching – 5000+ years ago. Binary harmonic expansion starts relatively simply and expands out and in simultaneously, co-existing states eternally in that same simplicity so it can be understood as a simple system throughout. It is fractal and holographic in that sense. Because the binary harmonic fractal expands quickly with its binary harmonic doubling pattern, it becomes complex very quickly. By the time physical binary harmonic expansion reaches the end of just three levels of physical evolutionary expansion, it has already messaged for the evolution of all of the atomic elements and for them to reproduce nearly an infinite number of times to create the Super-Galactic Central Sun, billions of Galaxies, billions of billions of Stars, and billions of billions of Solar System Planets. The sacred geometry diagram below gives an idea how many binary harmonic evolutionary quantum states exist by the end of just the third binary harmonic expansion.

3D BH#3 (1)

Until now, the atoms were believed to be composed of three types of quantum sub-atomic particles (proton/s, neutron/s, and electrons) and those three types sub-atomic particles were each composed of various combinations of quantum up and down quarks. It is no wonder that physicists have had such a difficult time creating a cohesive unified field theory (UFT). They don’t have all of the pieces to the puzzle. Every one of the quantum particles shown evolved previous to the evolution of a specific quantum particle in the sacred geometry above must be “in place” (physically manifest) before that specific particle can form. You will need to read the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook by Richard Stephen Crowl if you want to understand the “how and why” of the gauge symmetries, the various bosons and leptons, the fabric of space, mass, and gravity. Can you even imagine the complexity that occurs in BH#4 where the compounds, molecules, DNA, cells, organisms, and lifeforms are formed? At this point in the evolution of the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook, only the general categories of those quantum states have been identified.



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