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Numerology Magic Squares

I-Ching Tree of Life – Numerology Magic Squares


WoodcutStarseed Tree of Life   Primary Book Graphics GM 8x8 Magic SQ (1)

In today’s world of computers and advanced mathematics, magic squares don’t seem very—well, magic. Most people today will look at magic squares and say “Isn’t that an interesting math trick”. Few people would say “Isn’t that magical”. In fact, it isn’t even easy to see why ancient people called magic squares magical. If you went back in time some 5000+ years to the time that the I-Ching was being created by the Chinese Sage King Fu Hsi, you would notice one big difference in the field of philosophy. Science and religion were not separated the way they are today. Numbers had numerology meaning then as well as mathematical meaning. It would have been completely normal at that time to delineate the I-Ching with numerology. We don’t have any solid historical record of that, but history has hinted at it. Since we don’t have any I-Ching delineations attributed to Fu Hsi, we really don’t know what numerology he used.

Richard Stephen Crowl, the author of the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook, read about Fu Hsi’s interest in magic squares. It made him wonder if the ancient circle and square woodcut attributed to Fu Hsi was a “blatant hint” that the square block of hexagrams is a numerology magic square when the correct system of numerology is applied to the hexagrams. It was exciting that the self-generating and self-delineating I-Ching Tree of Life numerology might be the key to unlocking Fu Hsi’s numerology delineations. Could it be that easy? Below is the ancient circle and square woodcut attributed to Fu Hsi. Next to it is the I-Ching Tree of Life Physical Body graphic which has the same hexagram arrangement as the ancient woodcut circle arrangement of the hexagrams. Apply the I-Ching Tree of Life numerology to the woodcut hexagrams and the results are below on the right. The results do not create a magic square in the square block. So either the I-Ching Tree of Life numerology for the hexagrams is different or the hexagrams in the circle and square woodcut are not arranged to create a numerology magic square.

Notice that all of the columns in the ancient square of hexagrams above add to the same number – 288. That means that half of the self-generating I-Ching Tree of Life is creating a magic square. A different arrangement of the I-Ching Tree of Life hexagrams can be self-generated by simply changing the assumption of whether the top line of any new cell splitting to the right is consistently the same as its mother cell (yin or yang) or whether the new cell splitting to the right is consistently the opposite of its mother cell (yin or yang). The result is that the right half of the ancient woodcut circle is simply rotated 180 degrees about its center horizontal axis. The numerology for the I-Ching Tree of Life hexagrams stays the same.

Galactic Tree of Life 2GM Magic Square3

The ancient woodcut circle of hexagrams has now been auto-generated to reflect the new Galactic Mandala (above left) arrangement of the hexagrams. Since the numerology of the hexagrams stayed the same, the square block of hexagrams IGHTin the middle will still not create a numerology magic square, however, the numerology of the hexagrams physically opposite each other in the circle, now always add to 72/9 numerology. The numerology of the hexagrams opposite each other in the square block still do not add to 72/9. So the final task is to rearrange the hexagrams in the square block so that all hexagrams that are physically opposite each other in the circle are also physically opposite each other in the square. Today the hexagram arrangement that makes a numerology magic square can simply be mathematically calculated.

Making the above right square block of hexagrams into a magic square 5000+ years ago would have been a little bit harder. However, the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook by Richard Stephen Crowl shows how the magic square graphic (above right) could have been created with just trial and error. Notice that all columns, rows, and diagonals in the block (above right), now each add to 288 numerology – creating an 8×8 hexagram numerology magic square with a 288 numerology “magic constant”. Now, it is magical and it is going to get even more magical as the living numerology of the I-Ching Tree of Life is delineated using it. Notice that any two hexagrams in the circle or square, physically opposite each other from the center of the circle, now add to a 72/9 numerology. That reveals the incredible balance embedded in the I-Ching Tree of Life. It also reveals a magical back door out of physical consciousness that is built into the I-Ching Tree of Life.

You may be wondering where the nines went in the hexagram numerology of the I-Ching Tree of Life. It is because ancient numerology didn’t include the nines. Nines were considered to be invisible and were not counted. The fact that the numerology of the I-Ching Tree of Life shows why nines should be considered invisible suggests that the I-Ching Tree of Life may be the actual origin of numerology. The Chinese may not be the only culture interested in this particular magic square. The Mayans also had a fascination with this magic square according to José Argüelles in his book, Earth Ascending. However, the Mayan magic square included the nines and was a mathemetics magic square. If the nines are included, the resulting mathematics magic square has a “magic constant” of 260 which is the mathematics number of days in the Mayan Calendar. Is anyone able to see why that mathematics magic square was so important to the Mayans other than the link to the I-Ching Tree of Life which the Mayans also had in their Hunab-Ku eight-partition-place trigrams.

We just proved that it is probable that the I-Ching Tree of Life has the same numerology numbering as the I-Ching of the ancient Chinese Sage King Fu Hsi. There is not much possibility that there is another I-Ching numbering system more significant than the one we just created. The Fu Hsi First Heaven Sequence of the I-Ching has now been confirmed to be a metaphysical system of archetypes. The new I-Ching Tree of Life numerology numbering system creates numerology numbers for each hexagrams in the I-Ching system. That means that each little circle and each big circle in the I-Ching Tree of Life Physical Body has a numerology number that delineates its function and character through traditional numerology.

The delineations of each of those archetypal states is detailed in the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook. In other words, hexagram #66 (shown in red) is the 41st most yang hexagram (shown in green numbers as 41rd most yang) in the I-Ching. It has a 66/12/3 numerology which is the Darkening of the Light hexagram #36 in the King Wen non-numerology numbering of the hexagrams (yin/yang/yin/yin/yin/yin) – pouring water (trigram – yin/yin/yin) on the fire (trigram – yin/yang/yin), dimming its light. Always delineate the hexagrams from the bottom up. Water (the top trigram) falls into the rising bright flames of the fire (the bottom trigram).

Let’s get back to the numerology magic square and its delineation. The sum of any rows, columns, and diagonals now has the “magic constant” of 288/18/9 numerology in this case. The hexagrams are important in the I-Ching because they are the 7th and last physical frequencies in the Physical Body of the I-Ching Tree of Life. According to the magic square, when all of the hexagrams of the “physical body” are resolved to a 9 numerology number, evolution in the I-Ching Tree of Life makes a cathartic consciousness shift up in frequency to another octave in the I-Ching Tree of Life called the Ascension Body. The Ascension Body has always been part of us – guiding our spiritual evolution. You might say it has been our conscience or our Higher Self. The Holy Bible calls this transition into the Higher Self, transfiguration and the awakening of the Christ Consciousness. Saint Germain calls it the transition into the Higher Mental Body and the Christ Consciousness just preceding ascension.

Ascension represents progressively moving into a more subtle body that is in higher octave frequencies. When a physical planet moves into these higher octave frequencies, the planet is also said to be ascending. In the case of the numerology magic square of hexagrams, the 288 numerology is very significant since the Sun has a numerology number of 144 and planet earth has a numerology number of 2. The 288 numerology again represents “Earth Ascending” because 288 resolves into a 9 numerology – which means completion or ascension. The 9 numerology gives a frequency boost to all physical things in this situation. So, it’s a great time to be evolving on planet earth if one’s desire is to raise one’s physical frequency and go inward towards who one really is.

Based on the fact that this kind of information came to an ordinary person on planet earth (Richard Stephen Crowl), it is probably safe to say that planet earth is ready to receive this information about the I-Ching Tree of Life. It is also safe to say that Fu Hsi had this same numerology for the I-Ching and that he understood the meaning of the 9 numerology ascension message for this transition also. And finally, it is safe to say that the I-Ching Tree of Life numerology that creates so many miraculous results is most likely the same numerology that Fu Hsi used.

That would mean either that the secret mystery schools of the Piscean Age did a magnificent job of hiding the numerology keys to the Fu Hsi numerology or the information really was lost for a while. Since we are now entering into the Aquarian Age, it is very appropriate that the correct Aquarian Age metaphysics for the I-Ching be revealed to the general public. Even if the Fu Hsi numerology for the I-Ching is still being held secretly, it will not include the miraculous resonances with modern theoretical physics and modern biology found in the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook – Physical Evolution.


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