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Yin/Yang Symbol Evolution

Evolution of the I-Ching Tree of Life Yin / Yang Symbol 


 Archetypal Researcher Richard Stephen Crowl has found through a Second Vision that the Yin / Yang symbol of the I-Ching is actually the archetypal seed for the evolution of the Physical Body. Unlike his First Vision which showed how to re-create the externalized outward-creating I-Ching Hexagrams from scratch, the Second Vision shows how to re-create the internalized inward-creating Yin / Yang Seed from scratch. Mr. Crowl discovered that the I-Ching Yin / Yang symbol is the internalized archetypal seed which guides and controls the evolution of the externalized Physical Body realms from within. As such the two bodies create one huge entangled polarity-pair living universe.

Second Vision

Consider the Yin / Yang symbol red and white swirls to be made of an infinite number of binary harmonic archetypal states represented graphically as radius lines. Start with two opposite radius lines as shown in Mitosis #2 of the diagram above – the beginning of the binary harmonic unfolding process. The natural beginning is maximum yang (QF3.1) and maximum yin (QF3.2) – the two most vertical radii in the Yin / Yang symbol. Now expand the unfolding seed in the same traditional I-Ching binary harmonic manner from there – adding four new states next.

What are the chances that the seven physical realms (bottom half of the Yin / Yang symbol) would resonate perfectly with the seven binary harmonic rings of the lower octave Physical Body realms? What are the chances that the four fundamental forces of physics would be clearly messaged in Quadrant #2? What are the chances that the I-Ching lines of those same fundamental forces would clearly describe the character and function of each of the physical realms evolved in quadrant #2 archetypal forces? What are the chances that the archetypal lessons of the twelve archetypal realities messaged in the Yin / Yang symbol would provide instructions for experiencing ascension back into our real selves as individualized sparks of God and not just our descent into physical form?

Validation of the Author’s Second Vision

Look at the four directions of the shamanic elemental kingdom created in Mitosis #3. Look at the eight archetypal states created in Mitosis #4. This is the “8-Partition Place” of the Mayans, Hitites, Mesoptamians, Sumerians, and others. Mitosis #3 and Mitosis #4 are an entangled polarity-pair that, together, create the physical world. Mitosis #3 and Mitosis #4 together create the twelve primary archetypal realms of Galactic consciousness – the Ascension Body. How do we validate this – you may wonder? The validation came with the Second Vision in the form of twelve resonating planetary archetypes of traditional western astrology – in the same order as the physical planets of our solar system. Notice their resonance with the personal or individual planets of astrology on the right side. Notice their resonance with the spiritual or collective planets of astrology on the left side. Notice their resonance with the twelve chakra vortices of our body. That is a lot of precise archetypal coincidences that are created by the I-Ching Tree of Life.


Entangled polarity-pairs are inherent within the structure of the I-Ching and the I-Ching Tree of Life. They show up at every level of both. They are created in any two numerology binary harmonic. They are clearly seen in the second physical realm of the Ascension Body as the evolution of sub-atomic particles – the particle and anti-particle entangled polarity pairs. After a while it becomes clear that the anti-particle is spinning inwardly and connecting with the inner archetypal information of the Tree of Life and the energy of the inner metaphysical realms. As such, the anti-particle is inseparable from the particle and controls the energy and evolutionary information flow to the particl

HIGHER SELF” (Ascension Body) / “LOWER SELF” (Physical Body) POLARITY-PAIR

The same is true of the two bodies that make up our being in the larger scale I-Ching Tree of Life – the Higher Self (Ascension Body) and the Lower Self (Physical Body). The Higher Self is the inward-directed self, containing all the same physical states as the physical body but at an invisible higher octave. Because the Higher Self is inner-directed it cannot be contaminated by outer physical world circumstances and choices. It will always receive and send inner instructions to the Lower Self that reflect the Inner Divine Plan and its perfection. Unlike the Lower Self, the Higher Self has no “freewill” or “inclination” to create negative, discordant, or mutant creations which will act as blocks to the Lifestream energy flow.

As such, the Higher Self is the perfect instructions and directions for how to maximize our life energies (Lifestream) flowing thru us, keeping us alive, and giving us the Power to manifest our needs. The Higher Self also provides the training within us that prepares us step-by-step for our ascension. As we master each evolutionary step being taught to us by our Higher Self, we become more resonant with the higher octave frequencies of the Higher Self and we actually move into the Higher Self. As we become closer to our complete resonance with our Higher Self and its inner connection we become closer to our final ascension when we move into our Ascension Body as the Christ of our own being.

Basic Structure of Existence According to the Ascension Body

Let’s look at what the Ascension Body from the perspective of descent into the physical. The Ascension Body in the I-Ching Tree of Life is the archetypal Divine Plan seed for what existence will be like. As you can see, it messages to create two primary existences – one metaphysical / spiritual (top half) and one physical (bottom half) in absolute balance. The right half is the creation of the individual realms of existence. The left half is the creation of the collective realms of existence. That forms the four quadrants of existence – spiritual / individual, physical / individual, physical / collective, and spiritual / collective.

Spiritual / Individual (1st Quadrant)

The 1st Quadrant is the realms where the individual begins his / her descent into physical form from pure spirit. In I-Ching terms that is denoted as pure yang or maximum yang (all yang I-Ching lines). The physical descent goes clockwise around the circle. That convention was set in Mitosis #3 at QF #3.3 (yang/yin) read as (yin over yang). It is messaging that yang is both yin and yang equally and yang is transitioning into yin in the 2nd Quadrant.

Physical / Individual (2nd Quadrant)

The 2nd Quadrant realms are the only realms that modern physicists recognize as real. They are the realms that most humans live in exclusively. These realms are called the Four Fundamental Forces of Physics – E/M Force, Weak Force, Strong Force, and Gravitational Force. In the I-Ching Tree of Life the 4th Fundamental Force is Life Force. Gravity is considered to be a property of the 2nd Fundamental Force. Life Force is the force that creates cells with seed instructions to become spirit-animated lifeforms –plants, animals, and human beings.

Physical / Collective (3rd Quadrant)

The 3rd Quadrant realms are collectives of individual spirits. For every incarnate physical collective in the physical world, there is a corresponding dis-incarnate physical collective in the astral world. The dis-incarnate collectives have the same general frequency as the incarnate collectives except that the dis-incarnate individuals are living in an astral plane of existence that is not fully physical as we know it – the Lower Astral Plane. The incarnate physical collectives evolve up in frequency from pure yin materialism to physical/metaphysical dualistic awareness.

Spiritual / Collective (4th Quadrant)

The 4th Quadrant realms are also collectives of individual spirits. Both the incarnate and dis-incarnate spirits in this quadrant are functioning as Angels serving the Light. These spirits have reached the Metaphysical realms of consciousness and are off the Wheel of Karma in the sense that they consciously recognize the spiritual realms. They will not need to fall into the physical sleep of the Sacred Dream in order to learn the rest of their spiritual lessons. Once the incarnate Angels have reached the maximum metaphysical frequency and have dedicated their lives to the Service of God, they are ready to receive their ascended master instructions and prepare for their final ascension.


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