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Starseed Tree of Life

How do you prove that an archetypal system is valid? You show that it works in all cases and eventually the statistical chances of it being valid way outnumber the statistical chances that it is not valid. That will work whether it is about metaphysical miracles or about local-physical miracles. What is nice about miracles is that they have such a high statistical weight towards validation. Fortunately, the number of coincidences and downright miracles at all levels of the I-Ching Tree of Life are plentiful – starting at the metaphysical levels.

The graphic above shows the pure archetypes of physical evolution of astrology, numerology, and the I-Ching – not as three different archetypal systems, but as one archetypal system called the Physical Body of the I-Ching Tree of Life. Every major archetype used in making an astrology chart is created and delineated in the I-Ching Tree of Life – no more and no less. The same is true for the major archetypes of numerology and the I-Ching – no more and no less. What are the odds of this “ONE I-Ching Tree of Life pure archetypal system creating all of the major archetypes used by of all three of the most comprehensive archetypal systems known to mankind – no more and no less.

At the same time, what are the odds that this same physical I-Ching Tree of Life archetypal system would be so balanced and so perfect in its construction that the numerology of all of its polarity-pairs would resolve as a NINE numerology – the numerology number of the Essence Energy of Creation that flows through and sustains it and perfects it like a flow of stem cells and the numerology number of ascension for human lifeforms. What are the odds the Hexagrams show an even higher degree of balance – forming a magic square with a NINE numerology “magic constant” that messages for a cathartic rise in the frequency of all physical life on planet Earth following the End of the Physical World message of physical completion that the Mayans signaled on Dec. 21, 2012?

The pure archetypes of the I-Ching Tree of Life are not just intellectual curiosities of numerology, astrology, and now the I-Ching. The I-Ching Tree of Life is composed of all natural reproductions of 100% pure living archetypal messages for the evolution of Life from the Original Creation of God’s Divine Plan.  Unlike physics TOE, GUT, and UFT theories, the I-Ching Tree of Life explains not only the existence of, but the “why” that physical quantum, multi-dimensional states of physics exist – and not others. The I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook by Richard Stephen Crowl presents some new physics theories and validates most physics quantum physical states as pure archetypal states.

Just recently physicists have proclaimed victory because they discovered that the local-physical fabric of space transmits gravity waves. Physics will eventually realize that distortions in the local-physical fabric of space “are” the very definition of gravity – a system that records violations and degrees of violations in the perfect balance of the fabric of space. Physicists will be put in a quandary when they realize that local-physical distortions in the fabric of space (gravity) have non-local physical (metaphysical) origins that are affecting a yet unrecognized pure archetypal quantum local-physical particle which occupies so-called “empty space”.

Keeping track of each step-by-step evolutionary progression in the whole universe would be virtually impossible; however, it is fairly easy to keep track of just the I-Ching Tree of Life pure archetypal states used as the archetypal patterning for evolving a perfect Living Universe. Do keep in mind that the “function or purpose” and character of each archetypal state in the I-Ching Tree of Life is based on its “position” within the Tree of Life. Archetypes in the Tree of Life are not “assigned” intuitive meaning as they are in astrology, numerology, and I-Ching. Each unique numerology tag tells exactly where each quantum pure archetypal state is located within the I-Ching Tree of Life, so, guess what else the numerology tag tells about each quantum pure archetypal state?

Historical evidence has hinted that the ancient Chinese used numerology to delineate the First Heaven Sequence of the I-Ching. Archetypal Researcher Richard Stephen Crowl has verified that the ancient Chinese I-Ching Tree of Life produces an unbroken cohesive chain of Living Creational Archetypes that clearly message for the evolution step-by-step of a perfect Living Universe with perfect Living Particles and perfect Living Lifeforms. The I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook by Richard Stephen Crowl was recently published in eBook form shows the results of his 25 years of research that validates the I-Ching Tree of Life’s resonant connection to our lives.

The Philosophy of Life created by the I-Ching Tree of Life is the most comprehensive, cohesive, and detailed philosophical viewpoint published in modern times. It is an unbroken cohesive chain of unified fields similar in effect to the fields of Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). The reason it took so long to validate the I-Ching Tree of Life is because a break in any link in the cohesive chain of the I-Ching Tree of Life step-by-step evolution invalidates the whole I-Ching Tree of Life theory even if all other levels were validated. The I-Ching Tree of Life had to resonate at the physical level as well as it did at the Metaphysical level. That required a lot of research into physics.

Physicists should have to live up to that Law – the Law of Conservation of Symmetry with the Tree of Life. Since the Philosophy of Life created by the I-Ching Tree of Life is the only quantum pure archetypal system composed of 100% Living archetypal states created and sustained by the Original Creation, it should be the foundation for all Philosophies of Life. It matches very well with the Forms and Particulars Philosophy of Plato and other ancient philosophers. It creates realms of existence some physicists and philosophers have never even heard of. Failure to find those realms in the I-Ching Tree of Life would clearly have broken the cohesive unity there and invalidated the whole Tree of Life.

What are the chances that the I-Ching Tree of Life messaged for each of the quantum particles discovered by physicists, identified their purpose and character, and why they must exist not as individual particles but as a cohesive chain of quantum particles serving a higher purpose? There are even greater miracles validating the I-Ching Tree of Life at the physical level. The pair-production of physics turns out to be identical in process to the entangled-pairs of the I-Ching Tree of Life. Entangled-pairs in the Tree of Life mean that a major transformation is happening there towards a more physical state. Remember that the polarity-pairs of the I-Ching Tree of Life message for these transformations.

Another major miracle at the physical level is the Gauge Symmetries which start at the beginning of the 3rd Binary Harmonic and end when the threefold atomic structure forms – precisely. It shows why the Gauge Symmetries form and why they go away. This is an amazing miraculous validation of the I-Ching Tree of Life. Lastly, it identifies all of the atomic elements and what they will be like, and why the eightfold pattern of the electrons in the electron shells and why the electron shellsat all, and why the fourfold pattern of s, p, d, and f electron subshells, and why the mandated entangled spin-pairs of the electrons. This is another incredibly miraculous validation of the Local-Physical I-Ching Tree of Life. It also shows the power of the Binary Harmonics to provide a Unified Field structure with the purpose of evolving step-by-step the atomic elements.

If you are sufficiently intrigued to deeply study the I-Ching Tree of Life, it is possible to purchase an e-book download of the author’s very thorough research findings and delineations for the whole Tree of Life. You will still have to research, but at least you know that it will not be a dead end.  You will have a much better start than the author. The workbook has several major areas of research that still need done. The Trigrams and Hexagrams have not been fully validated and delineated. That was not the purpose of the research for this book. Just enough research was done to know that the archetypal approach would work. If the Trigrams and Hexagrams differ from traditional meanings it is recommended that you take the archetypal meanings because the First Heaven Sequence is archetypal.

Another realm of astrology that evolves perfectly according to the I-Ching Tree of Life is the planetary orbits in the solar system. The I-Ching Tree of Life messages for the formation of planets where they are in our solar system resonating with the binary harmonic waves of E/M blasting out of the Sun carrying the numerology numbering from the I-Ching Tree of Life. It is an amazing miracle that you can literally determine the locations of the planetary orbits of the planets and their purpose / character without ever having heard of astrology.

The astrology archetypes in the I-Ching Tree of Life are Bigram/Trigram in the I-Ching and Sign on the House Cusp in astrology. There is a very beneficial door open to research in this area of the I-Ching Tree of Life. This whole area of the Lower Astral Planes is dangerous and should not be made by a novice. Another area of the I-Ching Tree of Life that needs research is the detailed analysis of RNA / DNA / Cells / Organs / etc up to the different plant, animal, and human lifeforms. This could prove to be lifetimes of work. I will be posting my latest research on these levels of the I-Ching Tree of Life when I complete them. The overview of these levels was easily validated but the devil is in the details (sometimes literally).

You will have to read the workbook to really understand the Binary Harmonic Fields because there is an important key realm of the I-Ching Tree of Life not shown here that is playing a major role in the evolution of the physical realms through the Binary Harmonic Fields. It is being called the Ascension Body because it also plays a major role in our ascension training and it plays a major role in our actual ascension. Ascension is another one of those cohesive chain realms that must be present in the I-Ching Tree of Life because it will become clear very fast that our one true purpose here on planet Earth is to ascend step-by-step until we literally transition out of our physical bodies into a higher octave frequency body and into our ascension or transmutation body ready for ascension as the Christ of our own being.

Wow! What a fun and fulfilling research this has been for me! I look forward to communicating with a few of the more serious researchers in the near future. Good luck to all of you no matter how much research you will be doing! Contact me through my website at:




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