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Tree of Life Secret Code is Not So Secret!

WoodcutYellow River Map

Archetypal Researcher Richard Stephen Crowl has found that the archetypes of numerology and astrology create a comprehensive, detailed and cohesive message for the evolution of everything alive in our universe. An archetype, by definition, is the original model or the perfect pattern for which anything of its unique type is copied or reproduced – so the Tree of Life connection with the original archetypes of Life should be of no big surprise. The real surprise is the archetypal structure or point of view that is used to evolve the Tree of Life.

All astrologers are familiar with the earth-centered point of view for viewing the archetypes. However, astrology doesn’t have agreed upon rulers for the survival energies that create deep physical matter. More importantly, earth-centered astrology has no archetypal step-by-step plan for the Creation of Life. Earth-centered astrology is about cycles of planetary and astral archetypes that are not even true archetypes. However, most of astrology’s planetary and astral archetypes do resonant with all or part of the pure archetypes that link them to the Sun’s pure archetypal energies.

To understand the difference between pure archetypes and resonant archetypes, it is necessary to understand the evolution of the pure archetypes in the Tree of Life. The pure archetypes can only be found as the inner energy patterns that make up our living universe (macrocosm) and our living beings (microcosm). The pure archetypes are copied from the perfect original archetypal patterns carrying the Life, Power, Love, Wisdom and Intelligence of our Creator. Pure archetypes evolve (reproduce in a step-by-step manner) from those original archetypal patterns. The Tree of Life is the record of the pure step-by-step cohesive evolutionary chain of archetypal evolution.

That is where the Ancient Chinese I-Ching comes into the picture. The First Heaven Sequence of the I-Ching, which is attributed to Ancient Chinese Sage-King Fu Hsi of about 4000+ years ago, is the pure evolutionary pattern that reproduces the pure archetypal patterns of Life. Delineating these evolutionary states would be the key to understanding the Secret Code of Tree of Life. There is very little known about Fu Hsi’s vision on the banks of the Yellow River which revealed the Yellow River Map. However, the author of the I-Ching Tree of Life Workbook, Richard Stephen Crowl, was also given an inner vision similar to the Yellow River Map that led him into a 25 year long inner research into the use of the traditional archetypes of astrology and numerology in conjunction with the I-Ching.

My Vision

If I drew seven iterations of yin and yang splits from the center of a circle it would create the 64 hexagrams. That would create seven large circles of bubbles and the seventh circle would be predictive because the SEVEN in numerology is predictive. In fact, each big circle would function according to the numerology of its order in the graphic. The same is true of the bubble states.


Starseed Tree of Life

CONFIRMING HIS VISION – By the morning after the vision, the graphic of the Tree of Life had seven splits of yin and yang states shown as small bubbles. The I-Ching lines following the Yellow River Map created 64 hexagrams which fulfilled his vision and matched the circle of hexagrams in the First Heaven Sequence woodcut that came down through history – precisely. Each level of yin / yang splits is encircled by a large circle – giving seven large circles. Another fulfillment of his vision was that the seventh circle hexagrams would be predictive because SEVEN in numerology is predictive. From there it was clear that all of the big circles in the graphic would have a function based on the numerology number of its order in the Tree of Life and that each big circle would control the function of the bubble states within its circle based on its numerology. In other words, the bubble archetypes would serve to evolve the parts needed to fulfill the large circle purpose or function. For instance, the bubble trigrams within the FOUR numerology large circle creates the precise First Heaven Sequence of the FOUR numerology survival trigrams that came down through history – providing the final confirmation of his vision.

At this point the author could scarcely contain his excitement as he had the secret for delineating the Fu Hsi I-Ching using the pure archetypes of Life – not to mention the Secret Code for delineating the Tree of Life. The final Tree of Life is way more complex than this. Considerable work had to be done to figure out the puzzle of what the Tree of Life is messaging to be created. If the Tree of Life graphic is valid it must message for the evolution of a universe made of Life. As research went on it became very clear that the Tree of Life graphic developed above is only a fraction of the whole Tree of Life.

It is possible to purchase an e-book download of the author’s very thorough research findings and delineations for the whole Tree of Life at the author’s website:


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