Perfect Sag New Moon

IMG_0885 [2780544] IMG_4828 [2788698]

This really happened. I loved the magical synchronicity!

I experienced my new moon eating supper (Moon) with family (Moon) and noticing a hummingbird (joy) feeding (Moon) its babies in its nest (Moon).  Then going to the harbor and watching a perfect sunset only to see the new moon itself rising in the opposite direction.  A perfect Sag (joy) new moon experience. It was on my natal moon. My daughter and I both have FIVE (numerology) lifepaths according to the I-Ching Tree of Life. Also, Sagittarius has a FIVE numerology and is Hexagram 58 (Joyous) in the I-Ching Tree of Life.

I hope you had a similarly resonant day.

Steve Crowl


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