Learn the Amazing Cohesive Unity of Life


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Copyright © 2015 by Richard Stephen Crowl


The I-Ching Tree of Life is a comprehensive and cohesive grand unification theory (GUT) for the Creation of a Living existence.  If a reality being perceived is not one or more of the “quantum multi-dimensional realities” of the Divine Archetypal Plan then that reality is not Life and it is not sustained by Life. The goal of all Life is the expansion of Life and the I-Ching Tree of Life is the cohesive and step-by-step archetypal plan for Life expansion at each level of existence.

The Holistic (Holy) Essence of the God Seed flows through the Tree of Life purifying and sustaining all Life to its Original Perfection. This should be, if it is not, the foundation upon which all Philosophy of Life is based. Not saying that the I-Ching Tree of Life doesn’t need more research.  Just saying – there is not a more cohesive or comprehensive basis for philosophical research available.

Freewill is an illusion. The only real and lasting reality is Life (as in the Tree of Life). All discordant physical creations (acts of freewill by humans) must eventually be purified by the Essence Life flowing (as Lifestreams) through the same humans that created those discordant creations. That often requires a 180 degree change in philosophy by those involved to prevent and purify further discordant creations. The 1st rule of Power is “Misuse it and you lose it” – and there is often barely enough Lifestream Power left to sustain a human lifeform.  But there is always Divine help available if we are sincere and we call for help.